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Dancing my entire life...

Sebastian Arrua was born in Buenos Aires,Argentina. His journey in dance began early in life, performing with local dance troupes at the age of eight. He reached the finals in several disciplines of Argentine folk dances at the prestigious tournament “Torneos Juveniles Bonaerenses”. In 2003, Sebastian graduated with a national dance teaching qualification, from the Escuela Nacional de Danzas de Buenos Aires (National Dance School of Buenos Aires).


Sebastian has performed in some of the most prestigious theaters of Argentina, including the Teatro Colón. He has spent much of his career touring and teaching abroad, including in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Canada and the United States. He has taught and performed at several International festivals, including: the 4D Tango Festival (Holland, 2015); the New Zealand Tango Festival (2015 and 2017); and Lindy on the Rocks (Hot Night Fusion, United States, 2016).

His personal style of dancing is based on salon technique, but influenced by a rich variety of sources. Sebastian believes the most important aspect of Tango is the dialogue and the deep connection between the couple, expressed with elegance and fluidity. As a teacher, he focuses on the mechanics of movement as a way to facilitate that connection.


For Sebastian, tango is an incredible world that expresses a culture and a way of being, which he strives to share with his students. Enabling them to express themselves in their own dance, deepening their understanding and experience of Tango.


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