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Tango training in Buenos Aires

Since 2015 I have been co-hosting intimate Tango immersion retreats for groups of Tango dancers in Buenos Aires. The program features classes and prácticas that all participants take with professional dancers as partners. Each 10-day program has 18-hours of training with the professional dancers, plus technique classes, musicality workshop with live music concert, curated milonga outings, and sightseeing and shopping trips.


If you are itching to take your dance to the next level or wish to experience Tango in Buenos Aires with our support and expertise, check out our programs. There is something irreplaceable about experiencing Tango in Buenos Aires, and I love to share this experience with dancers from around the world.

Visit our  website for more information or to sign up, or check out  BA. Tango Evolution on Facebook.


Participants and professional of the 2023 BA.Tango Evolution

Retreat: Nosotros
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