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This intensive tango course develops a fluid process of learning where basic concepts turn into creative movements. The course was created to improve the most important points of the technique to later be used in different moments of the improvisation.


Technique training

Posture and Axis


Impulse and projection

Elements: Sacadas, Barridas, Giros con enrosques. 

Level: imp/inter/upp-inter

This intensive course will help you understand those 3 music principles and how to use them on your dance. 


Musicality training

Deconstructing the movements

Rhythmic concepts and sequences

Melodic concepts and sequences

Intensity and subtlety

Elements: Walking, Giros, Musicality, Dynamics. 

Level: inter/upper-inter/advance

This intensive course was created to get a deep understanding on giros and circular movements. Every giro has it's own technique and style and the program will cover all of them.


Disassociation technique for pivots and steps

Giros con enrosques 

Giros with association

Technique and style - Giros with no pivot

Improvisation and fluidity 

Control of the Space

Level: inter/Upper-inter/advance

In this program the students develop a deeper understanding on how to create movement and to improve the improvisation. Learning this way of "creating time" the students will find easier to explore new moves and adornos, as well as different ways of interpreting the music. 


Technique for walking and connection

Change of dynamics and levels

Music interpretation

Technique for adornos 

Improvisation training  

Quality and smooth movements

Level: inter/Upper-inter/advance

This intensive course explores all the aspects of Milonga, from the technique of movement to the history and concept of the dance. Learn how to understand and express milonga in your dance and how the connection in the embrace works in this rhythmical and fun dance. 


Technique for walking and movements

Concepts of milonga and rhythm 

Connection and improvisation

Music interpretation 

Reaction to different dynamics   

Movements in crowded spaces

Level: inter/Upper-inter/advance

This intensive course introduces the student to the Tango world, understanding that the most important of the process of learning is having strong roots. 

Connection and improvisation will be addressed based on developing an stronger confidence and self-awareness.


Technique for walking and movements

Concepts of couple dance and embrace

Concepts of social tango and connection

Movements to create a base and improvise  

Repetition and assimilation of everything learnt in the course

Level: Beginners 

Beginners: Students taking the first class or being on the first months.

Improvers: Students with basic problems but some experience with classes and milongas.

Intermediate: Students with some years of dancing, understanding and some control of tango elements.

Upper-Intermediate: Students with a good control of the tango elements, improvisation and dance floor navigation.

Advance: Students with many years of dancing, very good technique, 

understanding and control of the essence of Tango.