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© 2023 by Sebastian Arrua Tango


1. Rhythm and Embrace: 

     How to play with different rhythms, use the embrace in its totality,

     dance in open and close position, connect, read impulses instantly

     and effectively for a very comfortable, rhythmic and musical dance.


2. Improvisation in a Crowded Space: 

     Learn how to create more room inside the couple. And how to

     create different dynamics and qualities.

3. Improve Your Sacadas: 

     Technique, Improvisation, and Combinations in close and open



4. All about Embellishment: for Leaders & Followers. When, Where

     & How to Use the Free Leg. 


5. Play in your role: Understand when the leader's responsibility

     finishes and when the follower's responsibility starts. Take

     advantage of this understanding and make the most out of your role.


6. Essence of tango: Posture, axis, walking. Basic simple movements

     to build your dance.

7. Giro technique: Giros con enrosques and planeos.

8. Tango elements - Barridas: Barrida sequences, how to improvise

     and combine it.

9. Tango elements - Ganchos: Fluid and playful ganchos,                        combinations for the social dance

10. Milonga traspie: Musicality, close embrace and playing with the accents.

11. Solo technique for leaders: No partner needed. All levels.

10. All about Embellishment: for Leaders & Followers. When,              Where & How to Use the Free Leg. 


11. Express Yourself: Finding Your Own Tango Style


12. Vals: caminatas, sacadas and embellishments applied to vals


13. Giros: difference between centrifugal  and centripetal energy          in normal and fast giros


14. Dissociation: sequences in reduced space


15. Improvisation: tools for improvisation and deconstruction of


16. Tango elements - Voleos: Technique and connection.                    Develop a great understanding on how to lead a follow a                  perfect voleo.

17. Moving with the flow: Going deep in the non-stop movement         and the concept of energy in tango